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Virtual Classroom Training for Civil Engineers (with Hands-on Practice)
June 23 to 25, 2021
10:00 AM to 4:30 PM IST
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Virtual Training

☑ The virtual classroom on Road Estimator is a 3 day, 6.5 hours/day, instructor-led, online program.

☑ Trainees will be able to practice on the full-fledged software.

☑ Participants will be sent a link a few days before the day of training to attend the session.

☑ Trainees will be able to see the trainer on the online platform.

☑ The session will last for 6.5 hours, including breaks.

☑ Industry-specific questions or any other clarifications will be addressed either by the trainer or another expert.


Why Attend?

The Road Estimator virtual classroom program for Civil Engineers is a 3-day online training program where you will receive a full classroom experience. You’ll get to interact with trainers and have all your questions answered by skilled instructors. The course is aimed at helping Civil Engineers to know about Road Estimator and understand its applications in road & highways construction. This course will enable you to make the best use of Road Estimator by letting you gain hands-on experience with various facets of the software, such as CAD interface, basic & detailed cross-section, reports, as-built drawings, multiple lanes/service roads among others. You will also get the opportunity to interact with product specialists and learn the best practices.

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What's there?

Each module in this course includes four parts: Concept elaboration, demonstration, exercise, and Q&A.

After completion of the course, a candidate will be conversant with terminologies, data formats and understand & generate various types of cross-section & reports using Road Estimator that can be useful in their Civil Engineering professional journey for better planning and development of any roads & railways construction project.

At the end of the program, an assessment will be conducted. On successful completion of the assessment, you will receive the course completion certificate. Otherwise you will receive a course participation certificate.

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Quantity Surveying and Estimation using Road Estimator

Course Content

Day 1

▪ Introduction

▪ Road Estimator and its Applications

▪ Terminologies

▪ Defining a New Road CS

▪ Reports Generation

▪ Dynamic Table creation

▪ Printing

▪ Kerb / Symbol Creation

Day 2

▪ Widening & Strengthening of a Road

▪ Drain Insertion

▪ Proposed Level Creation

▪ Designing Vertical Curves

▪ Hill Road Definition

▪ Side Slopes

▪ Retaining Walls

▪ Embankment Layers Generation

▪ As-Built Drawings

▪ Ash Layers

Day 3

▪ Design Layers – Other options

▪ Using Variables

▪ Length & Field Areas

▪ Formula

▪ Custom Line and Area Definition

▪ Adding Service Roads

▪ Other Reports

▪ Mass Haul Diagram

▪ Different Types of Cross Section


Certificate will be issued based on:

☑ Attendance

☑ Project Completion

☑ Evaluation Questionnaire


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Course Registration

23rd to 25th June, 2021
10:00 am to 4:30 pm IST